The Gram

  • A match made in heaven! 🙌 Chicken loaded chips + @bricklanebrewing 📷 @denis_rufio
  • What type of person are YOU? Gravy, spicy mayo, burger sauce or cheese sauce? 🍟
  • Mid-week reward 😋 Bronson kbab with coconut fried beef brisket, spiced ground chicken loaded chips + @bricklanebrewing 💯
  • "Decision that only happens after midnight: adding fried chicken and bacon to a B.S.P., which is already full of chips, haloumi crumbs, spiced ground chicken, hot sauce and cheese sauce!"
📷 @audreybourget
  • The perfect spot for Friday drinks!
@yamahaavau sound system 👌 
Flavour-packed kbabs 🌯
Baller cocktails 🍹
Happy Hour 4-6pm every day 🍻
  • "Excuse me. Can I get beer with that?" 📷 @masterarthur


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